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How Aviva Living Works

AVIVA Buying Guide
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What you need to know to make an informed decision

At Aviva Communities, you buy your home but not the land on which it sits, making the cost of your new home significantly more affordable.
You pay a weekly site fee which gives you the exclusive right to occupy the land for 99 years providing you with complete peace of mind.
The weekly site fee also provides you with access to the clubhouse and all the accompanying lifestyle and recreational amenities.
The cost of the weekly site fee varies depending on whether you are a single or a couple.
If you are on a pension or receive payments through Centrelink or Veterans affairs you may be eligible for Federal Government rent assistance which reduces the cost of your weekly site fee.
To keep the weekly site fee affordable, Aviva Communities defer charges for long term community maintenance until you leave the community.
This cost is known as a Deferred Management Fee (DMF) and is payable to Aviva Communities when you leave the community. Please contact our New Home Living Specialist to find out more.