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Aviva Living Benefits

Master Planning Makes Perfect

Our homeowners enjoy an urban planned and visually appealing northern living aspect. All our homes have a modern design and are planned with the protection of your investment in mind, knowing exactly what will be built next door. Each community is connected with green spaces provided by natural surroundings, and the privacy between homes is optimised using innovative fencing & planting.

Intelligent Home Design

Every single home at Aviva Communities has the living zones oriented to the north to create light filled interiors that are warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Our contemporary designs move away from traditional retirement styles so there is a greater sense of connection with the wider community. All homes achieve a minimum six star energy rating so you can use less artificial heating and cooling. Boasting plenty of storage and an extensive list of inclusions you can just move right in and start enjoying your new low maintenance lifestyle.

Reduce My Living Expenses

Enjoy the opportunity to bring down your cost of living leaving more money to do better things. At Aviva Communities, you pay no council rates and no stamp duty on your purchase. Because energy costs are included as a benefit of living in the community you will no longer receive a power bill (subject to a fair use policy). Imagine no more worrying about using the aircon in the summer or heater in the winter. As a further benefit to homeowners, Aviva Communities have created market leading telecommunications and home insurance packages that you’ll find hard to beat amongst other suppliers.

Feeling Safe and Secure

At Aviva Communities, a gated entry means you can sleep easy knowing that after hours entry and exit points are protected by a CCTV monitored security gate. You will also be living in a community where neighbours watch out for each other like the old neighbourhood we all grew up in. Because you have to be over 55 to move into the community, you can be assured you will not have young, noisy renters living next door.

Stay Active & Social

When you want to be active and social there’s plenty of options. Socially the choice is yours. Popping into the clubhouse to read the daily papers is a great start to the day. Enjoy a drink at happy hour or a more casual BBQ on the patio after walking the dog. You can participate in some of the established community groups like the Cinemates Movie Club, Craft Group, cards players, exercise group, work-shoppers or you can even start up your own activity.

More Time for You

Gone are the days of spending time and money maintaining a big old home and garden. At Aviva Communities, a team of gardeners take care of all common spaces and keep the place looking great. Without a big old home and garden to maintain you will be able to enjoy more time to do as much or as little as you’d like, both in and out of the community.
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